Some Priority Shifts. And All That Jazz.

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I’ve been wanting to launch my own Kaiju-oriented site for a while now. I’ve made several attempts in the past – but I always make the same mistake. I want to do everything myself. Everything. Its easier that way, right?

Naive, yes. I know.

Now I’ve got the ball rolling on a new site over at – and it is going swimmingly if I do say so myself. The site will break ground for a new kaiju fanbase by the name of the Kaiju Fan Network (or Nation, depending on if I was paying attention whilst I was typing or not. But its Network. Because the logo says so, and its less pretentious). The KFN is made up of anyone and everyone that wants to be part of the fandom, no doors are left closed. And I’ve already assembled a fantastic roster of contributors.

Check out the new site over at, I think you’ll enjoy it. Until then!


Jon @ UnCanny


IDW’s Godzilla: Gangsters and Goliaths Motion Comic!

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The Epic Ponticelli cover for the first issue!

"Heeeee's Baaaaack!"

I’ve finally had some free time this summer, and here is the result! I took the first issue of this miniseries and converted it into a motion comic. I really, really enjoyed doing all the voices – its fantastic to be back at my old game again. I’ll skip the rest of the blabble and get right to it, Enjoy!

Part One of Among The Monsters:

Part Two of Among The Monsters:

Until next time, True Believers!

Jon @ UnCanny

The Date is a’WHAT!?

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Great Googley Moogley, it has been half a year since I have posted here… How does that happen, you might ask? Well, for one, I’ve done three mainstage theatre productions in a row these past months. I went from Mitch Mahoney in ’25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee”, to Aegeus in ‘Medea’, to Mark in ‘RENT’! The ladder has been absolutely exhausting, but incredibly rewarding – its a true honor to be able to play such a well recognized role. Hell, all three parts have been amazing!

Art by Steve Jung. Google him, he's got some incredible work. And this may or may not be a bit of a tease as to what Project Showa is leading up to... wink wink, nudge nudge...

Theatre has kept me so busy that I havent been able to dabble in my film work as much as I would like to, but I can say that I have worked on the script for the sequel to MOTHRA X MECHAGODZILLA as recently as yesterday! I cannot wait to get started on that film. It wont be an easy one, the scale is triple what MXMG was. And if there is ever a project I’ve wanted to happen, its WOLVERINE: LEGEND. That movie will get made. It may take three years for it to get off the ground (DoppelGanger was in my brain for three years before we began shooting) but damnit it will happen. That film has so much to offer the fandom, and me personally.

If one of these projects is to start first, it will be MOTHRA X MECHAGODZILLA, without a doubt. I can work on about 50% of that film by myself. It will require a lot of the same green screen and figure puppetry that MXMG was so well recognized for. Man, this article has my brain spinning again. I am going to go finish up the script, and offer you guys a nice, big article on the sequel! Thanks to everyone who has kept this little site alive in my absence – here’s to another year of flourishing work at UnCanny Studios.

Take care everyone, and until next time – True Believers!


Jon @ UnCanny

Sequel to MOTHRA X MECHAGODZILLA To Film This Fall!

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I’ve been on a role recently – and I know you’ll all love to hear that the sequel to MXMG is finally coming around!

The sequel is going to be twice as long… twice as epic… and will have twice as many kaiju! More than that! Expect to see the return of the Black Hole Aliens, MechaGodzilla, Anguirus, and Mothra – with the addition of King Kong, Jet Jaguar, Rodan, Kamakuras, Ebirah… and of course… GODZILLA!!! The story will center around the crew on New Monster Island, led by an old veteran, Col. James Briggs and the Ambassador to Planet X, Christopher Amer – and a new group of recruits brought in from all over the world to work on the island! Its going to be an absolute blast!

More on this as soon as I can post it! Look forward to many updates! Until then, true believers!

Jon @ UnCanny

We’re In Polish, Too!

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This is really funny to me… a day after I post the Italian article on DOPPELGANGER, I find a Polish one! This is fantastically awesome! Long live the Spidey Fandom!

You can find the awesome write up from Poland HERE.

The Internet: Changing Communication and Expanding the Fandom!

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The internet is, to me, probably the most significant invention of the past 100 years. Cell phones are amazing, and without computers we wouldn’t even be able to use the internet – but there is just something about endless bits of information freely flowing around the entire globe – for all to see – that absolutely fascinates me. I’m a big fan of communication – and the internet is any ‘communicator’s’ dream.

A few days ago, I came across an old article about DOPPELGANGER: The Symbiote Saga again. The article is simple – it has a few very kind things to say about my film, but mostly sums up the plot of the film and expresses the author’s interest in the finished product. Nothing special, right? Well, there wouldn’t be.

If the article wasn’t in Italian.

To some of you, that was the lamest payoff for an article build up ever. And I can understand that point of view. The first time I came across the italian write up, I simply dismissed it as cool but not ‘oh so very cool’. This time, now that a full year and a half has passed since the release of the film, I’ve had time to distance myself from the film as a piece of work – and I can now think of it as more of a ‘movie’ to enjoy and not critique. With a newfound appreciation for my first big project also comes a newfound appreciation for that italian article. How damn cool is it for my film, a low-budget, hometown shot film to be seen across the globe? Anywhere in the entire world!? And for it to strike up enough interest in someone on the other side of the world that they would write an article about it!? It makes it all worth while.

The original article was written HERE some time closer to the actual release of the film. Here’s a crude translation from Google:

Today I want to show you the first part of eleven of a fan movie about Spider-Man, called Doppelganger: The Symbiote Saga. You can find other parts of the fans movie here. In the movie, we see the classic story of the birth of Venom – one of the deadliest enemies of Spider-Man. All because of an alien symbiote that joined the suit of Peter Parker, making Spider-Man stronger, faster but also more prone to anger. At first everything seems fine, but Spider-Man discovers the symbiote brings more harm than anything else. He then decides to get rid of it. At this point, that sets Eddie Brock, who suffers from cancer at terminal level, who hates Peter Parker and accuses him of all his misfortunes … between the alien symbiote and Brock begins a relationship that is based on hatred for Spider-Man. Thus was born Venom …

I’m still loving the feedback I get on a daily basis for this film. I’m even going back and remastering the entire thing, given how much I’ve learned and improved since I finished production on this film.

I am still in awe, and always will be, of the internet. Perhaps I’ll get to thank the stranger on the other side of the world someday. Until then, true believers.

Jon @ UnCanny

MOTHRA X MECHAGODZILLA Mentioned in ‘Best of 2009’ List!

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Well.. the title makes it sound a bit more prestigious than the situation actually calls for – but it is awesome none the less!

Our friends over at Monster Island News ran an article a while back that centered around their “Hot List” of monsters (according to popularity and market-worth, and what not) for 2009 and on. Number ten on the list was Mechagodzilla – and one of the main points in his part of the article was my favoritle little film I’ve made to date, MOTHRA X MECHAGODZILLA: REVENGE OF THE BLACK HOLE ALIENS! I was so excited to see it there! These guys also ran an excellent and flattering article on the movie when it was released, which can be found in the ‘Awards and Articles’ category to your right. Any exposure is awesome – and now that this film has been around for a year and a half and garnered over 60,000 views on Youtube – its all the more fun to think about.

You can see the little blurb HERE, and make sure to check in with the awesome guys over at Monster Island News regularly for awesome updates in the fandom.

And… well, let me just say that… along with WOLVERINE: LEGEND… I may or may not be cooking up that sequel to MXMG still…

Fingers crossed!

Jon @ UnCanny